Takamine Pro CT-4BII Acoustic Guitar Preamp (TP0880)

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Takamine’s CT4B-II preamp features extensive controls for the ultimate sound transfer. The CT4B-II’s EQ options allow you to tailor the clarity of your signal to your exact requirements. The low, mid and high frequencies have a +/- 5dB adjustment to achieve the optimum signal. The integrated tuner is an accurate way to make sure your guitar’s always producing the right notes. With pitch adjustment increments of 1Hz, you can get a sound to match your preferences.

  • Full EQ Band Range to Achieve Optimum Signal Clarity
  • Adjustable Frequency Calibration
  • Snap-Lock Design for Easy Fitting
  • Integrated Accurate Tuner for Any Occasion
  • Light Tuner Indicators for Use in Low Light Venues

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