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Outlaw 9V / 500ma Power Supply
Vox Valvenergy Mystic Edge AC30 Pedal
NUX MG-100 Electric Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal Processor
On-Stage PS901 Pedalboard Power Bank
Markbass Vintage Tube Bass Pre-Amp
Vox V847A Original Wah Pedal
VOX Vox V847A Original Wah Pedal
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Randall BLOQ Noise Gate Pedal
Randall Randall BLOQ Noise Gate Pedal
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Outlaw Wrangler Compressor Pedal
On-Stage GTP7000 Mini Pedal Tuner
Gator GPB-BAK-1 Aluminum Pedal Board with Carry Bag
Joyo Technologies JF-36 Sweet Honey Overdrive
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Joyo Technologies JP-06W Power Filter/Converter 5v USB To 9v DC
Vox VFS2A Dual Footswitch for Vox Amplifiers AC15 and AC30
Dunlop MXR M279 Deep Phase Pedal
Outlaw Effects The Wye Aby Switcher Box Pedal
Vox SL2G StompLab Modeling Guitar Effect Processor Pedal

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