Takamine G-series TP-4T Acoustic Guitar Preamp (TGP0886)

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The Takamine TP-4T acoustic guitar preamp is designed specifically for your Takamine guitar to provide the flexibility and control you need in almost any performance or recording environment. The no-nonsense approach to functionality results in an amazingly transparent, responsive, and easy-to-use preamp that will let you “dial in” your sound in moments.

Low Batt LED: A circuit within the TP-4T tracks the life of your battery. When your battery voltage        becomes low enough the begin to affect the quality of your sound, this LED will illuminate.

Volume: Turning this control clockwise increases the output level of the preamp.

EQ Controls: The TP-4T features a three-band equalizer that allows precise tonal adjustment with a maximum of 12dB (deciBels) of boost orcut. Each slider enables you to increase or decrease the power of sound in a designated spectrum. The “Low” controls works in the bass range, the “High” works in the treble range, while the “Mid” control will allow you to adjust the boost/cut at a mid band center frequency especially chosen to give the most appropriate harmonic control possible.

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