Takamine CTP-3 Cool Tube 3 Guitar Preamp

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Tube Design

Takamine has pushed innovation forward with a tube designed preamp. The 12AU7 vacuum tube has been established as a standard for high quality audio transfer. The CTP-3’s tube receives a minimal voltage so that it will never overheat and can also last far longer. The single tube and compact build means the CTP-3 is lightweight and won’t put strain on your guitar. The tube can process a more dynamic sound and capture the subtleties in both your playing and the wood’s response.

EQ Options

The CTP-3’s extensive EQ controls allow you to achieve clarity and texture in all venues. The low, mid and high controls offer up to +/-12dB for a full spectrum of adjustment. The mid frequency control knob ranges from 250Hz to 5kHz, so you can pinpoint you frequencies’ most prominent areas. The CoolTube can be set to a drive between 0 and 10, whilst a tuner with exceptional accuracy comes as standard.



  • Tube: 12AU7
  • Controls: Low, Mid, High, Volume, Aux, Notch, Mid Frequency, CoolTube, Tuner, Pitch
  • Frequency Volume Range: +/-12dB
  • Mid Frequency Range: 250Hz – 5kHz
  • Notch Cut Level Select: -6dB, -12dB
  • Inputs: Left and Right

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