Soundcraft 64-Channel Digital Mixing Console C5

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Series Soundcraft Vi Series - a family of high-end and high-quality instruments for understanding people. These devices have become a standard mixing consoles and "pets" of the firm. That is why, in Soundcraft decided to create a new range of devices based on this platform - to present you a new console Vi1. Many users asked Soundcraft create something new, more compact and beating on the pocket, but it also has a user interface Vistonics (TM) and, of course, the legendary sound quality, a series of glorified Vi Series. Powerful functionality in a compact package. Fully self-contained console has 16 channels of analog input. By adding a unit that is compatible with the rack Vi, you can expand the number of channels to 64. The surface, slightly more than one meter in width, includes 16 motorized faders, 8 faders output / VCA faders and two master section. What's really cool in this console, so this new interface Widescreen Vistonics, which will be familiar and understandable to those who have used or Vi6 Vi4. With this design, you will be able to see all parameters for 16 channels derived by one 22-inch touch screen Vistonics. From the other models in this series Soundcraft Vi1 - 64C5 has retained many features such as: integrated speaker for all channels, 4 stereo engine Lexicon, Soundcraft FaderGlow and graphic audio equalizer BSS on all output buses.
  • 48 mic / line inputs
  • 8 line outputs
  • 6 pairs of outputs AES
  • 2 pairs of inputs AES
  • SPDIF input / output
  • 16 input faders
  • 8 faders output / VCA
  • 2 master fader
  • LCR faders
  • Integrated power supply for extra reliability

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