Soundcraft 48-Channel Digital Mixing Console C5

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Soundcraft Vi1 - the new mixer in the series «Vi». It is completely self-contained multi-function console that is perfect for use both in the fixed installations in concert halls and clubs and theaters or for broadcasting. It is more compact than the older models of Vi and consoles can be successfully used also in the rounds. The new model Vi1 ™ is also a budget in comparison with its "big brother" and makes high-quality professional sound, which is famous for a series of Vi, more affordable. In the console Vi1 sohreneny many of the features characteristic of the older models, such as FaderGlow ™, four engine stereo Lexicon, BSS graphic equalizers on all output lines, plus the integral dynamics on all channels. This model console is compatible with other products Soundcraft, such as Vi2, Vi4, Vi6. Standalone console is easy to use, especially thanks to a brand new 22-inch touchscreen Vistonics, which can simultaneously monitor all parameters for 16 channels. The console has a width slightly more than 1 meter and is equipped with sixteen motorized faders with fixed layers and assign users, eight fadrs output / VCA, and two master faders. Vi1 provides the user with 32 channels for analog input and 27 channels of analog outputs, plus six digital inputs, four stereo effects return, and six digital outputs. Channels may be redirected to the 24 multifunctional bus tires plus LR and Mono Mix. Up to eight bus can be configured as a mixing matrix with kolichestvoi sources 16 each. Manufacturer: Soundcraft. Soundcraft company was founded in the UK in 1973, engineer and developer of electronic equipment. Now a subsidiary of Harman (Harman International Industries). The company is a renowned developer of professional audio equipment, especially mixing consoles.
  • Faders: Motorized
  • the total number of faders: 26
  • Screen: touchscreen 22 "" Vistonics
  • built-in clock: accuracy than +/- 50 h. / mn., a deviation of less than +/- 5 ns
  • Genlock: BNC Wordclock
  • Display: 11-segment LED bar graphs and 4-segment level indicators for all inputs and outputs
  • Power Supply: AC, auto 90-264 V, 47-63 Hz, 25 W
  • power consumption: 100 W
  • built-in storage: Compact Flash card 4GB
  • operating temperature from 0 to +45 degrees
  • Permissible storage temperature: -20 to +60 degrees
  • power consumption: 100 W
  • weight: 50 kg
  • Net Weight: 37 kg
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 39.4 cm x 103,4 cm x 71,1 cm

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