Soundcraft 16x8 Digital Stagebox with Remote Control for Soundcraft Si Series

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The new Soundcraft Mini Stagebox 16i offers customers multiple channels of remote controlled I/O for Soundcraft Si series products, including the Si Impact mixing console. The Mini 16i stagebox is equipped with high-quality components, including Studer-designed preamps, to deliver exceptional sound quality, convenience and robust ease-of-use. The Mini Stagebox 16i is perfect for live sound engineers, houses of worship, bands, club owners and corporate customers that want affordable remotecontrolled I/O for their Soundcraft Si series console. It delivers the input power, versatility and sound quality of large-scale traditional mixing solutions-all at an incredible value. Combined with the new Soundcraft Si Impact firmware update, the new Mini 16i makes the Si line more compelling and more flexible than ever. Soundcraft Mini Stagebox 16i provides multiple channels of MADI I/O via standard Cat5 cabling, eliminating the need to run expensive and heavy analog snakes from the stage to front-of-house mixing positions. It also offers remarkable value while maintaining the industry-leading performance and dependability found in Soundcraft live solutions. Mini Stagebox 16i features a streamlined design that provides essential connections and features, including a MADI over RJ45 connector built right onto the chassis. No local hardware configuration or option cards are needed or required-engineers can simply plug in, power on, select inputs and control remotely using a Soundcraft Si console. Dedicated XLR mic pre inputs allow 16 simultaneous channels of external analog input as well as 8 analog outputs, for easy connection to house and stage monitors and broadcast or streaming feeds.
  • Studer designed preamps Preamps designed by the legendary Studer brand give users professional-quality equipment.
  • 16 total remote controlled mic inputs Dedicated XLR mic pre inputs allow 16 simultaneous channels of external analog input.
  • 8 analog outputs Easily connect to your on stage house, monitors and broadcast/ streaming feeds
  • Consistent control from Soundcraft Si series of mixing consoles Simple to add as additional Pre/I/O at a distance, with just a RJ45/ Cat5 style connection between.
  • RJ45/Cat5 connectivity
  • 16 remote controlled mic preamps and A/D converters
  • 8 XLR analog line level outputs
  • 2U Rack mount design

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