Sonor AQ2 Series 5-Piece Studio Set - White Pearl

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Sonor AQ2

Sonor AQ2 Studio 5-Piece Shell Pack, Whire Pearl Finish, Sonor Model AQ2-STUDIO-17335.

Sonor AQ2 Series are built with 100% maple shells that offer a mellow, well balanced, full tone with a low frequency punch and a mixed balance of mids and highs. The SmartMount tom mounting system is engineered for optimal sustain by minimizing the amount of hardware on the drum shell. Sonor's popular 7-ply, 100%-maple shell construction utilizes 2 sets of twin plies of Canadian maple on the inside and outside with 3 plies of Chinese maple sandwiched in between. With the Sonor AQ2 Series drums, you can sound like the pros.

• SmartMount tom mounting system allows for optimal resonance and sustain
• Maple Shells project a focused sound
• Unique Sonor lugs are stylish and durable

• 18" x 20" Bass Drum
• 6" x 14" Snare Drum
• 14" x 14" Floor Tom
• 8" x 12" Tom Tom
• 7" x 10" Tom Tom
• Double Tom Holder (DTH 4000)
• Does Not Include Hardware, Cymbals, Throne, Kick Pedal

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