Sakae AXP1002 Axelandor Double Bass Drum Pedal With Bag

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Here we have the new Sakae Axelandor double bass drum pedal. This is the first product to arrive from the new Sakae Osaka Heritage project and what a way to kick things off quite literally!

If we set aside the beautiful build and many pat pending features of this new 'designed-from-the-ground-up' pedal and just focus on the playability the first thing that is really exciting about this pedal is the light feel yet powerful delivery. In a pedal market full of heavy build, heavy feel pedals, Sakae have developed a very durable, flexible and extremely easy to play pedal. It feels like a lightweight single chain but with the option to have the power and punch of a direct drive should you require it.


The proprietary multi-axle cam system allows for three levels of adjustment, ranging from a perfect circle to an eccentric circle. This allows different feelings of drive to be obtained, giving you a full range of control, from powerful and stable to delicate and nuanced. Additionally, by using the included key bolt tool, the adjustments can be performed without removing the cam or changing the footboard angle.


Both ends of the tension spring provide a V-groove bearing. This eliminates friction and noise from the two ends that support the spring. Allowing smoother transmission with no loss caused by friction or load resistance, and simultaneously lengthens the lifespan of the hooks at the two ends of the spring.


The proprietary mechanism allows for easy spring adjustment using either the included drum key or the knob cap. By simply turning the key bolt, you can tighten or loosen the tension, making fine adjustments smoothly. This mechanism lets you adjust the desired tension with minimal force while removing the need for a lock nut to prevent loosening.


This is an incredible feature that really opens up the scope for this pedal. The proprietary heel plate can be attached or removed, allowing the footboard to be adjusted between short and long. Perfect for either heel-up or heel-down playing.


A lightweight aluminum footboard allows for super smooth, powerful high-speed playing. Additionally, reducing the overall weight of the pedal while maintaining its strength and stability.


In addition to the high-durability resin head beater, a felt head beater head is also included. Both are traditional round-head beaters which emphasise the balance between weight and sound.


We have a lot of customers who want lighter feeling pedals but with the best durability possible. Flexibility is also a key issue for most drummers who wish to be able to change settings to perhaps mimic a past favourite pedal. The Axelandor will be able to deliver all of these requirements in one package. We love that the drum key can adjust all the settings on this pedal, we love that the adjustable cam is integrated with no parts requiring removal. Every adjustment can be made from the drum stool and the option to make extreme fine tuning adjustments is appealing and incredibly useful. The beaters are both balanced and centralised rather than the two beater in one principle which can sometimes offset weight to one end of the pedal. The detachable heel plate his also a great idea which will allow drummers to try the pedal both ways before committing to a final set up.

  • AX1002 double pedal
  • Double Chain Drive
  • Beater shaft radius: 1/4``(Φ6.35mm)
  • Beater angle: 45° by default / ±22.5°
  • Cam: revolutionary multi-axle cam system, quickly adjustable on 3 levels
  • Aluminum Footboard provides light weight feel and exceptional durability
  • Detachable Heel Plate
  • Included items: Soft case, Traditional beater (with memory stopper included) x 2, Felt beater x 2, Knob cap x 2 (for spring adjustment by thumb), Integrated Axelandor drum key (clips on the bass plate)

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