Royer SF-24V Stereo Tube Ribbon Microphone

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Royer SF-24V

The Royer SF-24V vacuum tube stereo ribbon microphone is a valve-driven version of the company's phantom-powered SF-24. The flagship of Royer's SF stereo mic range, the SF-24V captures lush, creamy, natural sound with stellar transient response, amazing detail and clarity, and excellent stereo imaging. The SF-24V's tube circuitry flatters sources with a scrumptious airiness uncharacteristic of ribbon mics. Employing the same custom tube electronics found in Royer's TEC Award-winning R-122V ribbon mic, the SF-24V provides the ultimate in stereo ribbon mic performance.

  • Vacuum tube circuitry provides high output and impedance matching
  • Low-noise, triode-connected military-spec 5840 vacuum tubes
  • True stereophonic (Blumlein and M-S) recording from one coincident microphone
  • High SPL capabilities
  • No distortion up to maximum SPL rating
  • Extremely low residual noise
  • Ribbon elements are not affected by heat or humidity
  • No high-frequency phase distortion
  • Equal sensitivity from front or rear of elements
  • Consistent frequency response regardless of distance
  • Matching high-efficiency toroidal transformers
  • Very low magnetic leakage
  • Includes external power supply and 7-pin cable

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