RCF ART A910-AX Two-Way 10" 2100W Powered PA Speaker with Bluetooth


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Designed to deliver stellar audio performance and versatility for intensive audio applications, the 10" RCF ART 910-AX is a highly flexible, easy to use, 2100W powered PA speaker with Bluetooth and a built-in 6-channel digital mixer for today's working musicians, singer/songwriters, mobile DJs, and other sound providers. The advanced user interface features a built-in touch panel and Bluetooth remote control, which allow you to set up and control the mix wirelessly using your favorite portable device.

The ART 910-AX employs True Resistive Waveguide technology, which incorporates several refinements of the transducers and the vented port design to create a resonance-free signal that reduces high-frequency distortion. The speaker also utilizes Bass Motion Control (BMC), which bypasses the need for a high-pass filter and instead uses an advanced woofer excursion management feature that can handle the lowest audible frequencies without affecting the woofer stability, with extended linearity and better sound integrity. The highly efficient 2100W Class-D bi-amplifier delivers 1400W to the 10" woofer and 700W to the 1.75" compression driver, which provide full-range audio (50 Hz to 20 kHz) with a sound pressure level powerful enough to ensure the entire audience can hear your performance. The ART 910-AX includes a power cord.

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