Pearl NP-366 Nylon Bushing FOR 900, 1000 & 2000 series Stands

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Pearl NP-366

This Pearl Nylon Bushing fits in between two sections of tubing on a piece of drum hardware, preventing any buzzing from metal-on-metal contact from happening. It is designed to fit in the top of the bottom section of 900, 1000, and 2000 series stands.

Compatible with the following stands:

  • H930 / H-930 Hi Hat Stand
  • S930-D / S-930-D Snare Stand
  • S1030 / S-1030 Snare Stand 
  • C1030 / C-1030 Cymbal Stand
  • C930 / C-930 Cymbal Stand
  • BC930 / BC-930 Boom Stand 
  • BC2030 / BC-2030 Boom Stand 
  • TX100 / TX-100 Tube
  • TC930 / TC-930 Tom Stand 
  • T1030 / T-1030 Tom Stand

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