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Pacific racks are designed with the working drummer in mind. Heavy-duty chrome-plated stainless steel tubing and a multitude of available reinforced clamps and accessories mean that PDP Racks are built to last and can be tweaked to accommodate just about any set-up imaginable. Features like interlocking memory locks, independent angle adjustment, soft-grip rubber feet with integrated spikes, and included TechLock locking screws make PDP racks a drummer's best friend. Best of all, Pacific V-clamps work with various-sized tubing, so you can pair them up with Pacific hardware, or just about any other manufacturer's tom arms, cymbal arms or accessories. Now that's heavy-duty flexibility!

  • (1) DWCPRKB42C 42" Curved Bar
  • (4) DWCPRKB36S 36" Straight Bar
  • (3) DWCPRKB24S 24" Straight Bar
  • (4) DWCPRKC15K 1.5"-1.5" Rack Clamp
  • (3) DWSMRKC15T 1.5"-1.5" T-Leg Clamp
  • (1) DWSMRKC15A 1.5"-V Angle Adjustable Clamp
  • (2) DWSMRKTTCA 1.5"-3/4" Tube Top Cymbal Adapter
  • (2) PDCB0934 Standard Cymbal Arm
  • (4) PDSRC15V 1.5"-V Clamp
  • (15) DWSMRKML15 1.5" Hinged Memory Lock
  • (6) DWSMRKFEET Rubber Feet
  • (2) DWSMRKDRKY Hi-Torque Drumkey
  • (1) PDSRNPLV Nameplate Bar Level

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