Midas MR12 12-Input Digital Mixer for iPad/Android Tablets

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12-Input Digital Mixer for iPad/Android Tablets with 4 MIDAS PRO Preamps, 8 Line Inputs, Integrated Wifi Module and USB Stereo Recorder

The MR12 is an 12-input portable mixer housed in a sturdy stage box design for use with iPad and Android tablets. It is ideally suited for both live and studio applications thanks to 4 award-winning MIDAS PRO mic preamps, integrated Wifi module for wireless control, MIDI I/O and a USB connector for storing files or the recording and playback of uncompressed stereo WAV files. Free iOS, Android and PC apps enable you to move about the venue or the tracking room and manipulate all the parameters of your mix, and the performers have the freedom to dial-in a shared monitor mix. Advanced engineering and meticulous design combine to deliver professional-grade performance and impressive affordability the MR12.

The award-winning MIDAS microphone preamplifier has inspired generations of live sound engineers to their best work, creating sonic landscapes that have captivated audiences worldwide. MR12 comes equipped with 4 MIDAS PRO preamps, all of which are literally ready for your input via the Neutrik combo connectors with locking latches.

Designed for the ultimate in mobility, the MR12 comes with an integrated Wifi module for direct control of your mixers functions - without the need to setup and configure an external router. The MR12 gives you the freedom to focus on your mix, while allowing you to move about the venue to experience what every part of the audience is hearing. Plus you can adjust live monitor wedges from the artist's perspective - or better yet, let them mix their own IEMs and floor monitors via their own tablets.

MR12 features a convenient USB connector that makes it easy to store files or record and playback uncompressed stereo WAV files of your mix. Dial in the perfect monitoring mix with effects and zero-latency performance using one of the Aux buses, while recording up to 12 source signals - and send the keyboard player's MIDI notes to your DAW for recording and editing.

Number of processing channels:
16 input channels,
1 stereo USB return channel,
4 stereo FX return channels,
6 aux buses, main LR
Internal effects engines: 4 true stereo
Signal processing: 40-bit floating point
A/D-D/A conversion: 24-bit @ 44.1 / 48 kHz, 115 dB dynamic range
Analog I/O latency: 0.8 ms

Programmable mic preamps, designed by MIDAS PRO: 4 XLR/TRS combo jacks, balanced
Line inputs: 2 TRS, balanced
Main outputs: 2 XLR, balanced
Aux outputs: 2 TRS, balanced
Phones outputs: 1 TRS
MIDI inputs / outputs: 1/1 DIN
Ethernet: 1 RJ45
USB port: Type A

Preamp design: MIDAS PRO
THD + noise, unity gain, 0 dBu, 1 kHz: 0.005%, unweighted
Phantom power, switchable per input: 48 V
EIN noise, at +60 dB gain, 150R source: -125 dBu, 22 Hz - 22 kHz unweighted
CMRR, XLR, 1 kHz @ unity gain: Typically 65 dB
CMRR, XLR, 1 kHz @ +60 dB gain: Typically 90 dB

Frequency range, @ 48 kHz sample rate, +/- 0.5 dB: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Dynamic range, analog in to analog out: 107 dB, 22 Hz - 22 kHz unweighted
A/D dynamic range, preamp to converter: 110 dB, 22 Hz - 22 kHz unweighted
D/A dynamic range, converter and output: 111 dB, 22 Hz - 22 kHz unweighted
Cross talk rejection @ 1 kHz, adjacent channels: 90 dB
Mic/Line 1-16 Input impedance XLR jack, unbal. / bal.: 10 kΩ
Non clip maximum input level, XLR: +23.5 dBu
Hi-Z input impedance TRS jack, unbal. / bal.: 1 MΩ / 2 MΩ
Line input 5-10 impedance TRS jack, unbal. / bal.: 20 kΩ / 40 kΩ
Non clip maximum input level, TRS: +21 dBu

Output impedance, XLR: 50 Ω
Maximum output level, XLR: +21 dBu
Aux 1-2 output impedance, TRS: 50 Ω
Aux 1-2 maximum output level, TRS: +21 dBu
Phones output impedance: 50 Ω
Maximum phones output level: +21 dBu
Noise @ unity gain, 1 input assigned, XLR and TRS: -86 dBu, 22 Hz - 22 kHz unweighted
Noise when muted, XLR and TRS: -90 dBu, 22 Hz - 22 kHz unweighted

Antenna: External, SMA connector, 50 Ω
Access Point, number of clients: Max. 4
IEEE 802.11 b/g standard: 2.4 GHz
Frequency Range: 2412-2462 MHz
WLAN channels (Wifi Client, Access Point): 1-11
Max Output Power: 19 dBm (802.11 b) / 18 dBm (802.11 g)

Switch-mode power supply: Autorange 100-240 V, (50/60 Hz)
Power consumption: 30 W

Standard operating temperature range: 5C - 40C (41F - 104F)
Dimensions: 333 (W) x 149 (D) x 95 (H) mm, (13.1 x 5.9 x 3.7")
Weight: 2.9 kg (6.4 lbs)

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