Korg B2N 88-Key Digital Piano with Light Touch Action and Speakers - Black

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Korg B2N

The B2N brings a light touch keyboard to the grand piano experience. B2N provides the same functionality as the B2 but equipped with a lighter-touch keyboard. B2N is a new digital piano for players who want a reactive, light touch 88 key keyboard.

Newly-developed natural-touch keyboard
The B2N is equipped with the NT (Natural Touch) keyboard newly developed by Korg. It reproduces the touch of an acoustic piano, with heavier action in the low register and a lighter feel in the upper register, while distinctively providing a great-feeling sense of key-strike that is not fatiguing even during extended playing sessions. It's also the ideal piano for children who are being introduced to piano for the first time.

Lightweight body, less than 10 kg including speakers
The B2N is light not only in its touch but also in form factor. It weighs 9.3 kg, approximately 2 kg lighter than the standard B2.

Color Variations: Black
Keyboard: 88 key (A0C8), NT(Natural Touch) Keyboard
Amplification: 9W x 2
Power Supply: DC 12V
Power Consumption: 6W
Dimensions: 1,312 x 336 x 117 mm (51.65 x 13.23 x 4.61")
Weight: 9.3 kg (20.50 lbs.)

- AC adapter
- Music stand
- Damper pedal

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