Intellistage AT4PRD All-Terrain 4'x4' Stage Platform, Industrial Finish (2-pack)

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All-Terrain 4'x4' Square Stage Platforms are placed on top of All-Terrain Side Panels and Leg Assemblies to form the floor of your All-Terrain Staging system. Our black Industrial Finish is a water-resistant textured vinyl finish with a hexagonal pattern. Multiple-layer platform construction features an aluminum lattice structure and provides a Standard Uniform Load Rating of up to 157 lbs/square foot.


  • Water-resistant industrial finish
  • Multiple-layer platform construction with aluminum lattice structure
  • Standard Uniform Load Rating of 157 lbs per square foot
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty

Package Contents

  • 2 - All-Terrain 4'x4' Square Stage Platforms, Industrial Finish

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