Gator GC-Electric-T Fender Stratocaster Guitar Case


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Gator GC-Electric T thinline electric guitar case to suit Strat Style guitars (moulded interior for Strat shape only)

*This will not suit guitars with an angled headstock (ie Schecter/Jackson)

  • DLX Strat Type Electric Guitar Case
  • Plush-Lined Foam Padded Interior
  • Laun Plywood Construction
  • Easy To Transport


  • Overall Length: 40''
  • Upper Bout Width: 12.75''
  • Middle Bout Width: 12.75''
  • Lower Bout Width: 12.75''
  • Body Length: 19.38''
  • Weight: 9.4 pounds
  • Exterior Length: 41''
  • Exterior Width: 16.25''
  • Exterior Depth: 5.88''
  • Handles: Through Bolted Handles
  • Latches: Locking

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