Gator Cases Deluxe Wood Case for Classical Guitars


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  • Rugged Plywood Construction
  • Plush Lined Foam Padded Interior with Storage Compartment
  • Lockable with Ergonomically Designed Padded Carrying Handle
  • Contrast Stitching
  • Triple chrome-plated hardware

Fits the following Alvarez models: RC10, MC90, CYM95

Fits the following Dean models: Espana CS, Espana CSCR

Fits the following Fender models: Brown Derby, Resonator 

Fits the following Gretsch models: G9220, G9240, G9210

Fits the following Ibanez models: GA3

Fits the following Martin models: 0018-1958

Fits the following Taylor models: GS Mini-e, Academy 12E

Fits the following Washburn models: C40S, C40N

Fits the following Yamaha models: CG Series, Gig Maker Standard, CG151C, C40, CG111C, CGS102, CG171SF, APX500III, APX600, CG111S, CG101A, CG171S

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