Dunlop DGT122 System 65 Complete Guitar and Bass Setup Tool Kit

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System 65 Complete Guitar & Bass Setup Tool Kit. This kit includes the pro-quality tools that you can use to provide crucial care to your instrument and keep it in top playing shape for years to come.

  • System 65 Superlube Gel Pen
  • Multi-Function Gig Light
  • Fret Polishing Cloth
  • Fret Collars (.080" & .125")
  • Compact String Cutter
  • Four-Way Screwdriver (2 flatheads & 2 phillips)
  • Multi-Spanner Uni-Wrench
  • Formula 65 Polish & Cleaner
  • String Action Gauge
  • Microfiber Polish Cloth
  • Hex Key Multi-Tool
  • Universal Speedwinder

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