DBX VENU360-V Driverack Loudspeaker Management Processor


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The DriveRack VENU360 from dbx is a loudspeaker-management processor designed to protect and optimize front-of-the house, stage monitor, delay-fill, and zone loudspeaker systems in clubs, outdoor music events, or houses of worship. Connect the VENU360 between your mixer and amplifiers/powered speakers, and use it for precise feedback elimination, automatic speaker level and room equalization, crossover-frequency setting, dbx compression/limiting, driver alignment delay, and more. The unit provides a 5 x 6 routing/mixing matrix (using four AES signals and one analog signal) and a 3 x 6 signal processing chain. The 24-bit A/D and D/A converters with dbx Type IV conversion protect the incoming audio signal from accidental digital clipping at the A/D stage, while the 32-bit floating point, 48 / 96 kHz internal processing produces professional audio quality with high headroom and wide dynamic range. For easy operation, the Wizard functions guide you through simple, step-by-step processes to help you quickly configure the unit. For more control, you can use the manual mode which lets you customize each parameter separately. A large, bright, LCD display and nine 6-segment signal meters provide easy-to-read visual feedback. Additionally, the free DriveRack VENU360 control application offers network control via the built-in Ethernet port, and is available for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows-compatible devices.

  • Provides a 5 x 6 routing/mixing matrix with a 3 x 6 signal processing chain
  • 24-bit A/D & D/A converters with dbx Type IV conversion and 48 / 96 kHz, 32-bit floating-point processing – with sample rate conversion
  • Setup Wizard for easy system configuration and Level Assist Wizard for system level balancing
  • AutoEQ Wizard for fast & accurate room equalization using 10-band parametric
  • EQ; further user adjustments can be made to bands 11 to 14
  • AFS Wizard for easy & accurate feedback suppression
  • Support for multi-mono, stereo, LCR, & aux-fed sub input configurations
  • Selectable 31-Band graphic EQ or 12-band parametric EQ with narrow notch capabilities for speaker tuning
  • Input Delay processing for aligning the sound system of the stage backline, and Fill
  • Delay processing for balcony & tower delays – up to 3000 ms total cascaded delay time (3 x configurable delay modules at 1000 ms each) dbx compression with dbx PeakStopPlus output limiters
  • Crossover with support for full range up to mono 6-way configurations – selectable crossover filter types & slope rates with adjustable polarity & variable phase control
  • Noise Gate to remove unwanted low-level noise in sound system
  • Subharmonic Synthesis for deep, punchy bass
  • 3 x XLR inputs (selectable between 4 x AES or 3 x analog input channels), and 6 x analog outputs
  • Front-panel RTA mic input with 48V phantom power
  • Built-in signal generator & RTA for system fine-tuning & troubleshooting
  • Large, bright, easy-to-read LCD display and 6-segment signal meters with input clip & output limiter indicators
  • 25 x factory / 75 x user presets with various speaker & amplifier tunings included
  • Network control via the free VENU360 Control Application for iOS, Android, Mac &
  • Windows-compatible devices

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