Antari Z-1000 III 1000W Fog Machine with DMX Interface

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Antari Z-1000

The Antari Z-1000 III Fog Machine adds fog to nightclubs, bars, bowling alleys, and event centers, as well as mobile entertainers and DJs, and anyone looking to add a dry and consistent smoky atmosphere to their events.This high-performance, entry-level fogger features a UNICORE heater with thermal cutoff technology to prevent overheating. A built-in voltage protection module signals if you're plugged into the wrong output voltage and increases the output volume by 10%.

Use the LCD screen to set the unit up for the type of fog fluid you're using, with two options to choose from. The built-in tank holds 1.7 liters of fluid and consumes up to 60mL per minute. Use the hanging bracket to mount the machine onto a truss or similar hardware. Control the Antari Z-1000 III via its single DMX channel or use the included Z-10 wired remote. The Z-50 wireless remote control is available separately.

Key Features
  • 1000W fog machine provides smooth, dry fog
  • UNICORE heater with thermal cutoff technology
  • LCD screen
  • Choose from two different types of fog fluid
  • One DMX channel
  • 1.7L tank
  • 60mL per minute fluid consumption
  • 6-minute warm-up time
  • Includes hanging bracket and wired remote
  • Built-in voltage protection module triggers increased output

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