AKG CU-400 2-Slot Charging Unit For WMS420, WMS450 & WMS470 Transmitters


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AKG CU-400

The AKG CU-400 2-Slot Charging Unit for WMS420, WMS450 and WMS470 Transmitters is a drop-in-style battery charger for WMS420, WMS450 and WMS470 series wireless handheld and bodypack transmitter units. The charger is designed so that the integrated charging contacts of the transmitter allow the battery to be charged without being removed from the transmitter. The CU400 monitors battery voltages and temperatures during charging and automatically ends the cycle when the batteries are fully charged. The CU400 provides tricolor status LEDs in front of each charging slot to indicate the operating status of the charger.

  • Charger with two charging compartments for two  HT420/HT450/470 handheld or PT420/PT450/470 bodypack transmitters.
  • Two-hour charging for up to eight hours of battery life
  • Current management system operates with one AA-size NiMH rechargeable battery (2x NiMH battery included)

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