AKG C430 Professional Miniature Condenser Microphone


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The C430 Professional Miniature Condenser Microphone from AKG is designed for use as a cymbal and overhead microphone for drums. The miniature condenser yields a high-quality frequency response, enabling the microphone to handle a variety of applications. The cardioid polar pattern limits off-axis signal, allowing for use in noisy environments and where monitor speakers may cause feedback. The microphone's EQ curves accentuate the frequency range of cymbals, and the compact, lightweight design provides portability and easy mounting.

  • Tailored Signal Response
  • The C430 offers a frequency and signal response designed for cymbal and drum overhead capturing.
  • Phantom & Battery Powered
  • The microphone accepts 9 to 52V from either a battery or phantom power source.
  • Miniature Design
  • A strong, compact design offers portability and durability.

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